The 5th European Taiji and Qigong Forum will be held in Borovetz - Bulgaria from 6th - 13th July 2003.

Taiji, Qigong and other Chinese internal arts lovers from all corners of Europe are invited to gather in this beautiful 1300 m above sea-level mountain resort. Come for a full week of workshops led by some of the foremost European masters of these arts. The program will also feature daily lectures and discussion groups on various aspects of our practice as well as free tui shou (pushing hands) practice, demonstrations etc.

The annual Congress of the European Federation for Taiji and Qigong will also be held during the Forum.

The venue of the Forum is in Rila mountain, 70 km south from Sofia, in the beautiful "Olymp" hotel. It has all the facilities needed for a pleasant and relaxed practice and rest, as well as for entertainment - a large sports hall, various conference rooms, indoor swimming pool, sauna, restaurant with exellent food and wines, cafes, a night club etc. "Olymp" hotel is situated amid a pine forest and green meadows where the practice of internal arts is a most refreshing and unforgettable experience.

Borovetz is the oldest and most famous of Bulgaria's resorts. It is the starting point for many hiking routes in Rila mountain (its highest peak is about 3000 m above sea-level). Those fond of nature can take advantage of this and after the end of the Forum could choose to stay on for a few days of mountain trekking. We would be glad to assist you in organizing such an adventure. We could also offer assistance to those who would like to extend their visit to Bulgaria with a vacation in the beautiful Black Sea resorts.

Bulgaria is an ancient country with age-old cultural history. We will follow the tradition established by the past Forums and will organize an excursion to an historical site.

Pictures from the Olymp Hotel, where the forum will be held.

Main View
The Sport Hall

The Conference Hall


Restaurant "Olymp"
A Room in a Suite
A Spot of the Restaurant



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